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Welcome to Liberto Enterprises
Rental Property

Liberto Enterprises specializes in Rental Property Management and Software Engineering.

It all started 40+ years ago when Larry Liberto Sr. returned home to Weirton, WV from Van Nuys, CA where he worked for the GM Truck Assembly Plant. Together with his father Sam, they combined their finances and purchased their first rental property. It was a nice, multi-family, house on West Street in Weirton. Over the years Larry Sr. bought and sold several rental properties in the Weirton area. Today, Larry Sr. is semi-retired but still owns controlling interest in the remaining properties in Weirton and Morgantown, WV.

In the late 1980's Larry Jr. (LJ) began consulting work in the Software Engineering discipline. In his early work , as a co-owner of Ada Software Developement Inc., he specialized in design of Ada systems but over the years he has consulted on projects ranging from COBOL to Java. Most recently LJ has been working on Geographic Information Systems, SOA frameworks and Government Contracting.

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The Duke

One of my favorite quotes

"John Wayne isn't dead, he is frozen! Have any of you ever taken a cold shower? OK, multiply that by 150,000,000 and thats how mad the Duke is gonna be whenever he wakes up and finds out whats happening today."

- Dennis Leary

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